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One of the great times in everyone’s life is when you have enough to give back! OR maybe give forward in the spirit of Hoop Love for all.

We actively seek sponsors who can contribute to World Hoop Day. Your kind donation of $150 will sponsor one WHD Ambassador to hand deliver hoops to needy children in the developing world.

With your sponsorship comes our deepest appreciation and joyfully connects you to others. We will place your logo on our site, send an announcement in the newsletter and on our social networking sites. We will update you with where your donation is going and the Ambassador who helps you distribute your funding. Imagine how your monthly donation can help reach others.

Gold Star

    • $300+
    • donate $300 or more
    • or donate 50+ hoops
    • link to your site
    • media & promotions
    • Sponsor

Bronze Bead

    • $100+
    • donate $100 or more
    • or donate 10+ hoops
    • link to your site
    • Sponsor

A hoop.  Yes, really.  Hoops lift people’s emotions, as they learn to spin like a child.  Just watching people hoop creates smiles.  For children who are just learning to walk, a hoop is the simplest tool that may be their only toy.  Furthermore, it is a way for them to stay fit as hooping can burn up to 600 calories an hour.  Hoops are so easy to make and transport.  That is why we have been able to give away thousands of World Hoop Day hoops.

We choose to move toward healthy bodies, inner peace and joy.  In 2008, our co-founder Kevin, personally brought 12 hoops to someone who reached out.  This woman’s neighbor is a young girl who’s parents are former athletes, who had turned to drugs and lost hope.  Kevin’s Hoop Drop at their house gave the little girl an opportunity to make friends.  She encouraged her parents to try hooping, which got them off drugs and become better parents.

To become a Gold Star sponsor means you are contributing to at least two Ambassador’s Hoop Drops. You can help up to 1000 people with your $300 donation. Our Ambassadors in Brazil can make 1000 hoops with your Gold Star Sponsorship. Most Ambassadors receive $150 to make, pack, transport and deliver at least 15 hoops to villages in Thailand, Uganda and Ecuador.

Consider making a monthly gift of $200, so that foster children can stay away from gangs. Sponsoring at the Silver Spice level guarantees that a child who has never owned a toy can play, laugh, smile for years to come. World Hoop Day believes in grass roots efforts and contributing close to home. Silver Spice Sponsorship can deliver hoops to rehabilitation clinics, senior homes, youth centers and Boys & Girls Clubs.

Our Bronze Bead level is for those who wish to help Ambassadors buy hoop making materials on their travels. These are the ones who stay for weeks or months and contribute on a much larger scale. $100 can help them source materials locally and start a hooping community.

Obesity and depression are just two of the ways hooping can help heal. Obesity is a fast growing global epidemic, where not only adults, but now children are suffering. It strikes against all demographics. It is the number one most preventable deadly disease. Additionally, depression wreaks the minds and hearts of millions of people around the world. Doctors say that exercise can instantly improve your mood. Yet, with much of the world living economically challenged, how can these diseases be prevented, treated and potentially cured?

Our hoops are hand made in loving homes. We spend hours decorating with tape.  Each hoop has a special look and feel, as each human has their own preference and needs. Since 2005, World Hoop Day has been donating hoops and loving every minute of it.


Global Hoop Gallery

  • Buddha in the basket and Neptune on the ground. #Minpin #minpins #dogs #doggie #doggy #doggies #pinscher #love #puppy #puppies #bones #rawhide #rawhides #hides #puppytreat #reddog #blackdog #chewing #Followforfollow #followtrain #l4l
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  • #Yolo but the sun always sets. #sunset  #fb #l4l
  • Me and Delaney flying
  • Happy Birthday to me, I'm in Mimosa, a hot air balloon with purple tulips....biggest balloons for a party!
  • Buddha is just cute.
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  • Happy Pi Day Inspired by Kaos Oil pastel on glossy paper  #piday  #Pi #Art #pastel  #Oil
  • Classic thunderbird parks in front of my apt. Some of the better things that park there.  #Thunderbird #Tbird  #Car  Pacific  #Ocean #beach Classiccar #Cars  #classiccars #love #Fb
  • upload
  • Are you ready?  #Sunset #Pacificaliving  #sunsethunter #pacificocean #bayarea #ocean #peace #clouds #cloud #warmth
  • Feeling it...brass metal and feathers, rainbows and fascinators, fringe and sequins. Oh my. Don't forget the boa. #Burlesque #boa #Skull #Feather #Rainbow #fringe #Fascinator #Sequins #paint #art #temporary  #yolo #peace  #love #peaceandloveandart
  • Brisk cold morning.... 54°F outside.....68°F inside.  Coffee,  vegan protein smoothie for breakfast and a 23 mile view out to sea. #Goodmorning #ocean #cold
  • #Sunset
  • My apt door. I love decorating.  Yep. #christmas #decorations #decor #door
  • Buddha loves hot clean laundry  #Minpin
  • Taking cheese from the human  #Minpin #dogs
  • My Santa sketch #santa #santaclaus. Sakura Pen #sakurapen japanese felt tip

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